The Architect – according to Louis Kahn

“The way one does things is private, but what one does can belong to everybody. Your greatest worth is in the area where you can claim no ownership, and the part that you do that doesn ́t belong to you is the most precious. It is the kind of thing you can offer because it is a better part of you; it is a part of general commonality that belongs to everybody. You feel that you truly have to offer is in your next work, and that what you have done is always incomplete. I believe that even a great composer like Bach, who did everything as thought it belonged to everyone else, died thinking he did nothing, because a person is greater than is works. He must con- tinue.
I believe it takes a long time to be an architect; it takes a long time to be the architect of one ́s aspirations. You can become an architect professionaly overnight. But to feel the spirit of architecture from wich one makes his offering takes much longer.
And where does the architect sit? He sits right there; he is the one who conveys the beauty of spaces, wich is the very meaning of architecture. Think meaningful space and you invent an environment, and it can be your invention. Therein lies the architect.”
Lobell, Jonh.BETWEEN SILENCE AND LIGHT – Spirit in the architecture of Louis I. Kahn. Boston: Shambhala Publications. 1979

I became an architect professionaly in 2005. I have been trying to feel the spirit of architecture in me since then. hope I´ll get there some day…