Recognition: we might say we don’t care…it’s a lie.

Being an artist is all about recognition – it doesn’t matter how far you go in your carrer, without the recognition of your pairs you always feel like the “door” is closed for you. On the other hand, if the public doesn’t love you, you dont get the best commissions. Only few please both.

Here I was, trying to find recognition of my pairs thru the publication of my work, hopping that in return my clients would start appreciating me a little bit more, and pay me a fairest amount for my work.

Just to find out, that this may take a little bit longer than I expected: you see, the internet shares your information with the world, but that aplies to the all world, meaning thousands of others like you sharing, re-sharing, re-re-sharing, tweeting, re-tweeting, and so on…information is forgotten as soon as it is received and you stay the same…Ah the modern age…