My favorite hotel

The michelberger hotel, in Berlin is the coolest place I´ve ever stayed in. During my stay in Germany, the times I got stucked in Berlin without train connection to Dessau were more than the other way around so, I´de always had to find a place to spend the night, because sleeping in the train station with negative temperatures is just not my thing.

My wallpaper guide (that follows me to every city I go to) indicated this hotel as the coolest and cheaper option, so there I went and, boy it was worth it. Not only they have the coolest website (that I used quite often) but the most incredible space.

Everything here was made with dedication and that´s what makes it so original. From the unfinished construction feeling, to the room layouts, the fitting details – it is definitely a work of love.

I confess I stoled the signs and labels available in the room…twice!

Besides it sits on the best part of Berlin – The East – so charismatic, with a punk feeling, full of different ethnic groups, great and cheap restaurants, bursting clubs, vintage stores and, last but not least, “my dearest” arena where you can go relax for a swim on winter or summer…just be aware germans like to swim “au naturele”!