I was watching an interesting video the other day by Kirby Fergurson ”Everything is a Remix” that basically explores in 4 different videos how everything in nature is all about creation, mixing, remixing and so the ame should happen with humans, more concerned with inspire ourselves from our surroundings instead of worrying with being copied.

Look, trust me, I speak for myself, I have had ideas kind off, “illegally appropriated” and honestly, unlike my business partners, I cant say that I really care! The first thing that crosses my mind normally is: having ideas is what I do for a living, I can have a dozen more tomorrow, if you copied me is because you like my work, its a king of publicity…no?

Either way, I was watching the video, feeling good about myself, because there was someone in the world who shares my believes and I recall my first year in Architecture Faculty.

I dont know if this happens with every architecture student but, in my first year, I had not yet understood this difference between copying and interpreting. So I would look at famous buildings and take parts of it according to my needs: “this entrance could suit my project”; this skylights are interesting for whatever” and so on. I will never forget the day my teacher approach me and my sketches and said:” You know, even to copy, needs intelligence and reflection”. At the time I didn’t quite understood what he meant except: “he caught me.” However some years later it became very clear: you cant properly copy anything unless you understand its concept, where it comes from, and to do so, you really need to reflect, interpret, understand the artist, or the history. The work that takes you might just go on and do something for yourself! Be inspired, re-interpret, remix, reflect and something new arrises – your work! Why loose you time copying if it takes the same time to create?

However nowadays I´m starting to feel a litle bit confused! Its like going to the perfume shop to choose a new fragance for yourself: after the third experiment you just cant distinguish any fragance, they all smell the same…

I was making an exercise the other day: the evolution of the tower or skyscraper to prove one point – concepts, ideas and forms are always rolling in circles (or at least, most of the times) – basically the remix theory. Even the most outrageous shapes and concepts we see today have, in many cases, been thought previously, there was just not enough technological advance at the time to make it real.

I think what have changed is more our priorities towards the functions buildings should fullfil than their actual shape. For example, nowadays, if you´re not GREEN you’re OUT; the social paradigms of post-war times are discretely ignored and substituted for the “so old” social stratified architecture (and city, I could say in many cases).

People are trying so hard to be original and finding new things that maybe that basic rule I learn on my first year, is being neglected: dont try to invent, re-invent! Look around, what do we need as people? as society? and if we fail in our predictions, well…guess what…we have failed so many times in the past, who cares?….at least we did something, we believe in sometime, in change!

The master of the past had firm believes, mos of them questioned has time passed, but that only happens because they defended their causes fearlessly. What are our believes?

Nowadays I feel nothing, and that´s much worse than failing in accomplishing your believes…