I was seeing this morning the new Titanic Museum in Belfast, Ireland, and just couldnt get it! It looks like 4 bows of ships with a metalic coating with a wavy pattern…Is this it? Is it possible that the architecture team really use these poor formal clichés to design this museum? I find it hard to understand these expressionist co-relations that architecture seems to find nowadays, like all architects imagination has been transformed into a Disney World.
But then it came to my mind, this is actually quite blend! In todays Disney World, buildings like these are much more spectacular (and ridiculous in their conceptual emptiness) a real Ventury ” I am a Monument” type of building would be much more grand, shiny, and impressive to the masses.
So I decided to design my interpretation of what this building would be only if, Ireland wasn’t immersed in a finacial crisis: I call it a brainfusion between Liebeskind (the boat detail as an apendix) meets Eiseman (eternal love for faceted shapes) meets Bjarke Ingels (only he would make a piramidal skyscraper) and I believe it would be much more suitable for todays architecture condition.


Note: I have been taken my pills, so obviously, this a a satire!