Fashion Architecture

I was admiring the novelties from one of my favorite brands House of Holland when these overalls swipe me off my feet. “Have to buy it”, thought to myself, but then it hit me: when am I going to wear this? Weekends, night outings? I’m not really the type of person that changes to go out at night, so basically, it is just another piece of clothing to join the big pile of things I rarely wear and why?
Because architects, are not supposed to be fashionable, the buildings they design however…well that’s a hole different story.
The image of the architect, male or female, let’s be honest, is black, black and little more black; sleek, slightly clumsy to give the impression that you don’t give a damn about anything else besides architecture…bullshit!
It’s a contemporary subculture behavior like any other: hipsters, geeks, punks, beatniks, you name it.


Actually if we think about it, architecture has always been so fashionable, why aren’t architects? I guess the artist cannot overshadow the work, or their patrons…
Just look at Versailles Hall of Mirrors and a portrait of Marie Antoinette, the last queen to inhabit it: they match! They are parts of a bigger picture – the ostentatious Baroque royal France.
It makes sense, if architects reflect the cultural development of their time, it’s only natural that it resembles the people who compose that same culture.


So, what happens today? The 21st century is all about image, thousands, millions actually, that cross your eyeballs every single day. This creates a sense of frugality and ephemerality difficult to surpass. Not that the world is full of people that are shallow, but rather that, the power of image is so strong that it certainly looks like it.
Architects are no different: they seem to have been swept away by the power of image and the mass culture opinion. So I decided to check up Vogue autumn trends for 2012 and see if the latest architecture follows the “A-to-Z guide to get you through the next season”.
Surprise, surprise, it does!

A line skirts – Louis Vuitton | The Shard, London, UK – Renzo Piano Workshop

Brocade – Stella McCartney | New National Library, Astana, Kazakhstan – BIG

Capes – Tom Ford | Winnipeg skating shelters, Canada – Patkau Architects

Dyed hair – Prada | Camp Nou refurbishment, Barcelona, Spain – Foster + Partners

Film – Balenciaga | Mexic-arte Museum, Austin, Texas, USA – FREE

Hippy Hippy Shakes – Mary Katraitzou | Grafitti Cafe, Bulgaria – Studio Mode

Jewelry – Miu Miu | Tori Tori restaurant, Polanco, Mexico – Rojkind Arquitectos

Monochrome Prints – Versace | Lalin Town Hall, Spain – Mansilla + Tuñon Arquitectos

Purple – Christopher Kane | Watercube National Swimming Center, Beijing, China – PTW

Richard Regal – Dolce & Gabbana | Soumaya Museum, Mexico city – Pedro Reyes

Urban Utility – Alexander Wang | Cross Towers, Youngsan International Business center, Korea – BIG

Wiggle – Lanvin | The Cloud, Youngsan International Business Center, Korea – MVRDV

Zig-Zag – House of Holland | Pedestrian Bridge, Ribeira de Carpinteira, Covilhã, Portugal – JLCG Arquitectos.

So I’m going to buy the funky House of Holland overalls and I’m going to wear it to work, as a statement that: if architecture is in fashion so should the architects.
I just wonder what will be the outcome of such act when it comes to get new clients? I will take a lucky guess and say that it won’t go well…
But I won’t go black either: rather broke and fabulous, than rich and blend! Just kidding, everyone knows architects are never rich!