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I think that humanity would be in a much better stage of development if it just saw differences with curiosity and hope instead of disdain and fear. Unlike common shared opinion I think we are not that far away from monkeys we have just lost the tail.

I think that humanity should focus on it´s own development as humans instead of focusing on technology because at this pace we are going to destroy the world that hosts us just because we are like children playing with guns.

I think that contemporary life while apparently moving forward it has in many ways stepped back when compared with the beginning of the century. Sure we have cell phones, internet, video chat and so one, but what does it tell us about ourselves? Aren´t we more lonely than ever? By not learning the art of communication, are we becoming better humans, or just more efficient ones? Not wasting time with inconvenient chit-chat. I wonder many times about the definition of our era and never find a satisfying answer. The closest to a definition that I can get to is “void” – it seems today that everything is happening and the next day it´s already forgotten – I guess that means that reality is no longer meaning, life unfolds in a kind of vacuum or phantom scenario, where reality exists in a limited time and place vanishing immediately after it happens. I often compare it with the visiting a perfume shop: we enter to buy a new perfume and after 3 or 4 test we can´t already distinguish any smell leaving only 2 options: buy randomly or leave and try again next day. Either way it´s a superfluous experience as we live a contemporary superfluous life.

I think that architecture is a social activity and as so it has the responsibility to serve people with their needs. That said, I don´t think that architects should do everything society asks of them or decides in public meetings but rather that architects, as any other profession in the world, should have the courage to stand for their believes and that society should accept that errors are part of the process of development and not expect architecture to be flawless but rather a process of discovery and a representative of our cultural development.