From social to commercial…

In 1927 Le Corbusier photographs Villa Stein-de Monzie with is Voisin automobile in a clear analogy of the house has a machine. The car is serving the purpose of the concept:  house is… Continue reading


I was watching an interesting video the other day by Kirby Fergurson ”Everything is a Remix” that basically explores in 4 different videos how everything in nature is all about creation, mixing, remixing and… Continue reading

My name is Brigitte Bardot…


My favorite hotel

The michelberger hotel, in Berlin is the coolest place I´ve ever stayed in. During my stay in Germany, the times I got stucked in Berlin without train connection to Dessau were more than… Continue reading


I was “minding my own business” at work last week when received an IChat message: the Radiohead video for “Lotus Flower” with a personal quote “I hope one day Ill have this guy… Continue reading

Recognition: we might say we don’t care…it’s a lie.

Being an artist is all about recognition – it doesn’t matter how far you go in your carrer, without the recognition of your pairs you always feel like the “door” is closed for… Continue reading

The architects saga: competitions

competitions… For anyone who is an architect, competitions are a part of your daily life, they represent the traditional way to make a living while maintaining you artistic integrity – given a specific… Continue reading


Icon is the way to go. In a world where each human is affected by millions of images everyday, novelty becomes obsolete very quickly and “banal! Gets installed. Like trying to choose a… Continue reading


Everyday I am discovering that the world is a very strange place where we say one thing and do something completely different. Religion, politics, social and cultural habits: no matter were we come… Continue reading

The Architect – according to Louis Kahn

“The way one does things is private, but what one does can belong to everybody. Your greatest worth is in the area where you can claim no ownership, and the part that you… Continue reading

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