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Man Made Landscapes

I often rejoice with beautiful images from natural landscapes and think how amazing the Planet Earth is, the best architect of all… Now and then, however, I find photographs that reveal the immense… Continue reading

The New Dynamic Trio: architecture | rendering | photography

Zaha Hadid | Galaxy Soho | Beijing, China I must admit that even if Im not a huge fan of this extreme Formalism that has invaded contemporary architecture spirits, Zaha Hadid keeps surprising… Continue reading

Transit City: common ground or virtual space – DXB Dubai International Airport

Boarding at Dubai International Airport TRANSIT CITY HAS NO TIME Its 8:00 am, I’m sitting at Paul, a franchise proud of being a Maison de Qualité Foundée en 1889, while sweeping a hot… Continue reading

when is white too white – part 2

Isbjerget housing project in Aarhus, Denmark by seARCH, CEBRA, JDS + Louis Paillard I wonder if this Danish people leave in fairyland and what will happen to all this beautiful white mass over… Continue reading

When is white too white?

Extension Chalet 7, Bad Gastein, Austria by Kuehn Malvezzi I seriously keep wondering why Northern countries keep insisting in using shear white interiors over a shear white (at least half the year) background…Don’t… Continue reading

Practice vs Theory

He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast. Leonardo da Vinci …I would add that the… Continue reading

Task of the day…

One of my partners asks me to make a bad preliminary architectural sketch in order to get a client! Not in a million years I would have imagined this possible…Architecture works in mysterious… Continue reading

I wonder…

Cervantes Theater by Ensamble Studio, public square of Plaza Carso in Mexico City Is the new barbecue grill to the cook the giant mushroom?

In between…

Venice, Italy, February 2012

Using the term “architect”!

Couldn’t help sharing this interesting debate (NOT) on archinect about the conditions for calling yourself an architect… The diversity of issues approached is so vast that I can’t even understand how you pass… Continue reading

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